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Say the Word
August 01, 2021Comments.. 412
[PDF] Say the Word | by Ñ Julie Johnson Julie Johnson [PDF] Say the Word | by Ñ Julie Johnson - Say the Word, Say the Word I walked away from him but I left my heart behind At eighteen Lux shatters Sebastian s heart and breaks her own in the process When their paths cross again unexpectedly in New York City Lux does her. [PDF] Say the Word | by Ñ Julie Johnson - Say the Word, Say the Word I walked away from him but I left my heart behind At eighteen Lux shatters Sebastian s heart and breaks her own in the process When their paths cross again unexpectedly in New York City Lux does her
  • Title: Say the Word
  • Author: Julie Johnson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook

Say the Word Julie Johnson [PDF] Say the Word | by Ñ Julie Johnson - Say the Word, Say the Word I walked away from him but I left my heart behind At eighteen Lux shatters Sebastian s heart and breaks her own in the process When their paths cross again unexpectedly in New York City Lux does her. [PDF] Say the Word | by Ñ Julie Johnson, Say the Word, Julie Johnson, Say the Word I walked away from him but I left my heart behind At eighteen Lux shatters Sebastian s heart and breaks her own in the process When their paths cross again unexpectedly in New York City Lux does her best to feign indifference toward her first love But the harder she tries to hold Sebastian at arm s length the determined he becomes to uncover the secrets she I walked away from him b

  • [PDF] Say the Word | by Ñ Julie Johnson
    245Julie Johnson
Say the Word

412 Blog on “Say the Word

  1. Aestas Book Blogsays:

    I loved this book It captured the intensity of a once in a lifetime, heart pounding romance that was given a second chance and mixed it in with suspenseful drama and lighthearted fun From the moment I started reading, I could not put it down This is definitely one of my favorites of the year I knew I was off to a good start as soon as I read the dedication Then the prologue gave me tingles and I was already hooked and desperate for before I d even started the first chapter.But before anything e [...]

  2. Pollysays:

    2.5 starsI needed a little less internal dialogue A little less suspense And a LOT of this I was bored and skimmed a lot.

  3. Katerinasays:

    I FREAKING LOVE JULIE JOHNSON I think that if two people are meant to be together, nothing can ever truly separate them Time, distance, other people it doesn t matter They ll circle back around to each other eventually Lux broke her heart among with Sebastian s She shattered her heart into thousands little pieces, and since then there was a constant hole in her chest Until seven years later, when she met him again and he was not the sweet boy she fell in love with any He was cold, distant, life [...]

  4. TeriLynsays:

    Say the Word generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 5 Just Say the Word StarsSay the Word, a stand alone new adult romance, hails as the second book published by the gifted wordsmith Julie Johnson Both this and Like Gravity are two of my most favorite NA reads Narrated strictly by the heroine, Lux Kincaid, Ms Johnson treats the readers to an easy conversational tone of which leaves us completely enad with her story The beautifully descriptive writing draws us in as if [...]

  5. Alexsays:

    There are no words to describe how devastated I am that this book came to an end so damn quickly It was the perfect disaster.Loved every second Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam I shall either find a way or make one.

  6. Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~says:

    Say the Word was a little too Wordy I think I would have enjoyed the story much with less dialogue I also felt a disconnect between the two parts of the story line so it somewhat felt I was reading two different books One a NA second chance romance, the other a Nancy Drew special.Lux Kincaid was in love at one time with Sebastian Covington Due to not so great circumstances, she breaks up with him It s pretty easy to figure out early on what happened She has pined over him the past few years and [...]

  7. Julie Johnsonsays:

    Not ready to say goodbye to SAY THE WORD Don t worry FAE s STORY IS NOW AVAILABLE Check out ERASING FAITH next Erasing FaithNow available on Soooo I am so happy nervous excited thrilled anxious emotional crazy angsty ecstatic about the release of SAY THE WORD But, above all, I m grateful Grateful to have such wonderful, supportive readers who leave such kick ass reviews I seriously love you all xoxo

  8. Jen says:

    3.5 Broken StarsBut what did you do when you lost your soulmate, and there was no chance of ever having him again Did you move on, even with the knowledge that nothing would ever be quite as good Did you try to fill the empty holes inside yourself with misshapen parts that someone else could offer Lux Kincaid is young, beautiful and broken She was forced to break the love of her life s heart seven years ago and she s never fully recovered Sabastian Carrington, or Bash as Lux nicknamed him, is th [...]

  9. Annasays:

    I m not sure why this missed the mark for me I loved the authors debut novel and there were definite 5 star moments in this book but It fell short for me I enjoyed it but didn t love it as I wanted Usually books like this second chance at love , that have letters and the sadness I would shout my love for at the rooftops 3.5 stars

  10. Ilzesays:

    It wasn t bad, but I wish the author had taken a different route I thought it was going to be a story about second chance love and with some suspenseful elements However, that wasn t the case There was a story where she meets the love of her life after 7 years, the second chance romance, and then there was a separate story where she investigates where young immigrant girls disappear, her Veronica Mars activities And with the flashbacks from the past it simply appeared that there was too much hap [...]

  11. AJsays:

    Soulmates are a reward, not a certainty I think you have to earn them And I believe, if you re one of the bastards lucky enough to stumble across yours, that you have to fight for them with everything you have 4.5 stars, with lots of feels I love this book A deeply intense and emotional story of true love the first and second time around, told with humour and lots of heart and intertwined with a mystery suspense storyline featuring the disappearance of young girls And the writing is absolutely s [...]

  12. Tabbysays:

    THE REVIEWWhy this book It seemed like a book for meWhat I thoughtThis book was amazing It s full of emotion, love and second chances It was captivating and the writing is riveting The characters are relatable and the romance has you feeling all kinds of emotions There are two storylines going on within this book that came together perfectly As for the characters Lux was a strong heroine, her sacrifice was heart breaking and Sebastian was swoonworthy, even if he pissed me off at times This book [...]

  13. Amandasays:

    This one had a very strong prologue and the first chapter itself really gutted me I hardly know the characters yet, but the break up scene was just too much to take in It make me rooting for them to reconcile again seven years later.Told entirely in the form of now and then , we got some glimpses into their lives seven years ago, how they met in Latin class, the friendship with Lux s twin brother, Jamie and the reason behind the break up Lux is the poor girl that came from the trailer park, whil [...]

  14. Yomi M.says:

    Rating Clarification 3.5 stars I really wanted to like this, honestly, I did The problem was that it was just TOO wordy for my taste and I found myself skimming a lot This made me really sad because I did enjoy Julie s debut novel.

  15. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤says:

  16. Anne OKsays:

    BOOK BLURB The heart isn t like the liver It doesn t regenerate, no matter how much time passes Once it s gone, it s gone for good I d left mine with Sebastian when I walked away that day, and I hadn t seen it in the seven years since Lux KincaidAt eighteen, Lux is forced to make a choice One that nearly destroys her.She breaks a boy s heart.She breaks her own, too.Seven years later, Lux never expects to see Sebastian again especially not when her career as a journalist is hanging by a thread an [...]

  17. Kristen Canslersays:

    What else can I say besides that I devoured this book I flew through Say The Word without realizing it because Julie Johnson did such a good job at getting me to interested and invested SO quickly I ve never read anything by this author before, but I will definitely be seeking out of her books after this This book is so much than a romance, and I loved that The added elements only enhanced the story I never felt like it was crowded Everything flowed really well And the dialogue Amazing I m usu [...]

  18. Oanasays:

    The suspense part ruined what would have been a five plus stars book for me The action was sloppy and unrealistic, and the plot twist was no than plain eye roll material Of course, it is highly possible I am biased about it, because I ve read a lot of real thrillers back in my days, so the way the author chose to solve the situation kind of reminded me of the B action movies everybody hates but still watches no offence, I watch them too Anyway, the love story between Bash and Lux was emotional, [...]

  19. -y.asays:

    1.5 starIt took me two weeks to finish this book sigh There are too many plot lines with no central idea to hold them together The novel starts with a great potential in the second chance romance, but quickly degenerates into excessive inner dialogues and unrealistic storyline.

  20. Dijya says:

    Say The Word is the second book by Julie Johnson that captivated me right from the start.Like Gravity was the first book that I ve read by Ms Johnson and it was one of my fav Books of 2013.So I was a little bit apprehensive while starting this book but there was no point of it because I loved this book.The writing was perfect The way the book was written in Then and Now chapters was refreshing for me and can t say I didn t love it Both the Now and Then chapters mixed together piques your curiosi [...]

  21. books are lovesays:

    I laughed, I cried, I smiled and I went through the ringer of emotions I so so so felt for Sebastian when Lux did what she did and you can really understand why he was so cold to her after seeing her 7 years later What I felt so sad about was Jamie.Jamie was Lux s brother who was struggling with cancer He was vivacious and full of life to the end and was always there for Lux Not telling Sebastian about him when they were friends really was Low Lux But when the reason behind the tearing up of Seb [...]

  22. ♛ Garima ♛says:

    My new year has not started very well, or so it seems Well not personally of course but bookwise I m leaving this book unfinished at around 50% not because I don t want to read it, simply because I don t have enough courage to go on.I won t say reasons because that would be really too spoliery, but I didn t sign up for so emotional read so I m just gonna stop It s such a shame because even though bit cheesy, I thought the writing was pretty neatStill not my cup

  23. Rachelsays:

    Holy wow I got an ARC copy of Say the Word and my lord am I happy I got a chance to read this book Not only did I master it in a day but I now have a whole bunch of new additions to my Quotes mostly from books That I Want Tattooed list I don t even know where to start I wish I had the patience to find all the gifs that would help me express my love and enthusiasm for this book, but I dont Because I just want to write this review and go read it again After the love affair that I had with Like Gra [...]

  24. Rachel Reginasays:

    This was such a great book I was a little worried when I first started this book, mainly because I don t know when books go from past to present all the time, but for this book, it just worked Let me start with Bastian When you start the story, you know the two main characters are not together Reading that scene, BROKE MY HEART Seriously, I didn t even know him as a character yet and my heart broke in two for him But they were both young Once everything is explained you totally understand everyt [...]

  25. Tammisays:

    Wowis book blew me away with the writing You know that moment you come across a line or quote and your breathing stops, your world tilts, your heart literally hovers over the page and the words seem to pulse off the page as you struggle to catch your breath Yeahis happened throughout the book I loved it She has a way of painting a pretty picture with her words but it s never just a picture it s also a different perspective It s honest and the pages become a canvas of emotion that will leave you [...]

  26. Mertxesays:

    I honestly wanted to like this but the book had excessive inner dialogues I couldn t connect with the suspense part that It wasn t necessary I felt bored and skimmed parts I just enjoyed the beautiful love story.

  27. Aizsays:

    Read it and you ll forget the word regret Everytime I read even just a portion of this book, I come to live in their world I get to see them, meet them, know them, feel for them Behind the anguish and danger where it grinded my heart to dusts which were blown away by the cold breeze and made it whole anew I ve met love.It made me utterly confused on whether I would like to read as fast as I could till I finish the story because it leaps my excitement so high OR better yet, to slow down because I [...]

  28. AdequateBookWhoresays:

    You have to cherish the insignificant moments you have with your most significant people To hold onto the times when you re happy To smile often, and laugh loudly To enjoy the ones you love, and hold them close to your heart while you still have them Holy shit I m rendered speechless Shit Nothing I expected AT ALL.Julie Johnson is capable of making my heart sing and cry and beating rapidly I felt it within me Not my first time reading her work but damn, I was thrown off the loop Reading a book w [...]

  29. Adrienne Scalessays:

    Say The Word is Julie Johnson s sopho release I was pretty hard on Ms Johnson s first book Like Gravity I gave it 4 stars but they were definitely hard earned This book though, wow, easily 4 stars I am so impressed that this is only her second book and she s so young I can only imagine what other amazing stories she will have for us in the coming years I can t wait.This story has a little bit of everything, second chance love, death, heartache, intrigue, suspense, and forgiveness One thing I rea [...]

  30. LailaBCsays:

    What a wonderful discovery this piece of story Even though the story line was not something that i have not come across before but the way the author executed those tender emotions of falling in love, heart break, sorrow, loss, hope, love and happiness was just splendid I love Lux Kincaid s character here, she is loyal and brave and such a beautiful and giving heart even at the expense of her own happiness It takes a lot of courage to break one s own heart for someone else s benefit I love her r [...]

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