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Four Psychos
September 17, 2021Comments.. 309
Four Psychos Best Read || [Kristy Cunning] Kristy Cunning Four Psychos Best Read || [Kristy Cunning] - Four Psychos, Four Psychos I m not so different from most people Like everyone else I have life goals Goal Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am Goal Convince the four men I ve been haunti. Four Psychos Best Read || [Kristy Cunning] - Four Psychos, Four Psychos I m not so different from most people Like everyone else I have life goals Goal Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am Goal Convince the four men I ve been haunti
  • Title: Four Psychos
  • Author: Kristy Cunning
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Four Psychos Kristy Cunning Four Psychos Best Read || [Kristy Cunning] - Four Psychos, Four Psychos I m not so different from most people Like everyone else I have life goals Goal Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am Goal Convince the four men I ve been haunti. Four Psychos Best Read || [Kristy Cunning], Four Psychos, Kristy Cunning, Four Psychos I m not so different from most people Like everyone else I have life goals Goal Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am Goal Convince the four men I ve been haunting for the past five years to pick me to be their new toy after goal one is complete Goal Figure out who what I am and why I can t remember anything past the fiveI m not so different fr

  • Four Psychos Best Read || [Kristy Cunning]
    371Kristy Cunning
Four Psychos

309 Blog on “Four Psychos

  1. Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥says:

    There was a lot of things I should have been doing today, but after waking up not feeling well, I said, fuck it I m staying in bed and reading I still feel bad, so this is going to be super short and sweet Reverse Harem is my crack, and I love whenever I get a chance to read it My friend from Instagram recommend this to me, and I m so glad she did It was exactly what I needed to make my shitty day a little bit bearable 4 hot guys that work for hell preventing damned souls from getting out into [...]

  2. Helen 2.0says:

    This one is funny, awkward, a little steamy and very unique It drew me in right away by steering clear of all my usual RH pet peeves no special snowflake heroine no insta love no tragic backstory no fabricated dramaIt s always refreshing when the plot doesn t bend over backwards to accommodate a reverse harem heroine s drama I m looking at you, Kit Davenport Keyla, the heroine in question, starts the book as an incorporeal spirit watching over four sexy supernatural roommates She s been watching [...]

  3. Jennifer Kylesays:

    I m neither here nor there Alive nor dead This is book one of a four book series by CM Owens The heroine is very funny and lovable I simply adored her It s actually not packed with sex scenes and fyi didn t have any though it was very angsty Definitely a well written and enjoyable read that left me interested to see what happens next

  4. DWsays:

    I need the second book like super fast

  5. Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽says:

    DIS WUZ GUD So Flipping Good The author NAILED the chemistry and banter between the female lead, Keyla, and her boys This is a slow burn, so there was so actual sex in this, but yet a couple steamy scenes It s definitely NOT a young adult reverse harem.There is humor, great dialogue, sarcasm, good foundation for a series this will be a four book series and three are already written by the author two released I usually don t like ghost stories, but it works SO WELL here and Keyla is definitely no [...]

  6. Bibisays:

    Paranormal with a dash of quirky Pure fun

  7. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell yousays:

    UPDATE SAFETY INFO courtesy of the always wonderful, safetygang pal Kara Thank you so much Unsafe read because view spoiler When heroine meets her harem they re having sex with other women and apparently these scene go in detail I usually don t have problem with sex with OW as long as it isn t graphic and it happens before heroine and H kiss for the first time So tecnically it isn t cheating, but for my safety gang friends who prefer no OW after meeting, this is a revese harem story where the he [...]

  8. Deborahsays:

    The first few times I noticed this book I happily skipped past it since neither the title nor the cover appealed to me But then the reviews started coming through and they were really good so I looked again and put it on my to read list Then friends started talking about this book saying they d loved it was funny, dark and delicious They have a darker taste in books than me so I didn t take too much notice at first, but after a while I got curiousAnd here I am loving every minute of it So if you [...]

  9. Marguerite (Lady RH) ❀says:

    Reread as a BR with my fellow RH junkies J U D E What s that spell Major dick, yes, sir ree Rating 5 starssass fun smart ass heroine douchebag males awesome first bookYou learn a lot about your moral compass when yours is the only opinion that matters Turns out, I m an unapologetic psychopathIS BOOK IS SO MUCH FUN Hooked from page 1 The plot is very mysterious Keyla is an awesome character She s fun, she s kind of naive, she wears sexy outfits to piss the four psychos off and it works and she re [...]

  10. Melanie (mells_view)says:

    Casper Supernatural having a baby and it being born a horny teenager Four PsychosOk So I have a weird relationship with this book It s PNR reverse harem Four moody broody asshole guys, who are bound to each other They are supernaturals of some sort, and they are bad ish Then the heroine is a girl, and she s something Yeah I sound crazy, but she s something and we don t know exactly what she is If Supernatural and Casper had a baby and sprinkled in some sexy romance, it would be this book Whateve [...]

  11. Jacqueline's Readssays:

    4 Not what I expected StarsI saw Four Psychos popping up on my and I was really curious about all of the high ratings The cover is kind of ominous looking and I thought to myself could this book be really that good Despite the crazy cover, yes I did enjoy this book It wasn t what I expected I m glad I wasn t in a smutty mood okay I was but this book isn t smutty There s steam I give you that, but it s tension filled steam and I really enjoy that kind.There s 4 guys and one girl, but it s not a [...]

  12. Sophia Triadsays:

    Oh Oh yes This is one of those books that I started completely blind about their story I didn t know this writer I didn t know if the book was paranormal or historical or whatever I just liked the title some of my favorite book boyfriends are psychos , the book cover hmm hoods and hidden faces intriguing and I have heard that the book has the reverse harem trope I quite enjoy it when the girl is the dominant part in this kind of relationship.Anyway, I started the book and there are these four gu [...]

  13. Corinnesays:

    What a pleasant surprise, I want and need book 2.

  14. AMY ♥(pronounced AH-MEI)♥says:

    3.5It s not you, it s me because Four Pshychos was really, really, really, really can t put it downgood I just couldn t connect with the guys and I don t like Cliffhangers Need the sequel, where is it

  15. ❤Rachel Anne's Romance Must Reads❤says:

    4 stars These guys better stop being such a holes Off to read book 2 edit after reading book two I had to change my rating from four to five stars because I am in love with this series Bring me book 3 Full RTC after the series is finished Stay tuned

  16. Amo Jonessays:

    I CANNOT EVEN DEAL This is PNR RH GOLD I m new to this genre Reverse Harem , and by god this is just epic Onto the next book 6 stars, because not only was the story and characters compelling, but I enjoyed the writing style too BRAVO Now I want to get spit roasted by four demon slash somethingwedontknowyet slash hotfuckingmen hashtag, ho that s mearently

  17. Tink Magoo is bad at reviewssays:

    Really liked the heroine in this as she s feisty and funny, but the story lacked focus and the four arseholes phychos aren t exactly likeable at the moment Still, it was easy to read and I m looking forward to .

  18. Pennysays:

    Actual Rating 4.5 starsBrilliant Wow What a treat This book was super fun, sexy and entertaining The female character is hilarious and adorable, and having four male protagonist instead of one was way fun that I would have expected I loved Keyla s wardrobe changes, it made me smile every single time you have no idea how I wish I could do that too _ Some aspects of the book remind me a little to The Inmortal after Dark Series from Kresley Cole, except this book has humor and made me laugh , wel [...]

  19. Jessicasays:

    4.75 stars Reverse Harem Revolution RHR Buddy Read Wow This was such a fun read The MC is funny, flawed, relatable, kind yet ruthless, incredibly loyal, and funny I know, I said that already, but shit, she really is Her boys, hot as they are, are complete jerks but they too, are funny The world is interesting and there s some unraveling that needs to be done This book is dark, funny, with a slow burn romance my favorite , with adventure and mystery too Pretty much everything I love in books and [...]

  20. Annikasays:

    What a fun fest So much banter and action, I loved it Who knew it would take a very peculiar m nage PNR erotica to get me out of my book funkI m aware that I should ve totally hated the heroes since they were rude, selfish and kept insulting and threatening the heroine, but the girl was such a hilarious bad ass, dishing out just as good as she got, it was hard not to feel sorry for those guys The point is, we can t enjoy a woman, unless we enjoy her together It s part of the bond None of us have [...]

  21. Megansays:

    The guys were complete assholes I get why you wouldn t be trustful at first but then she saves your ass multiple times and you still don t trust her You re still an ass They don t soften up at all I get the appeal of this book because She was funny but to me she was also stupid These guys used her and verbally hurt her and threatened to kill her and they neglect her I mean they were absolutely terrible to her So idk I m curious as to what she is so I ll keep reading the series I will stop after [...]

  22. Brittain *The Baddest Female*says:

    Literally all of the guys were the same No personality.

  23. BookSmackedsays:

    Well this book was devoured in a matter of hours and left me obsessed and wanting from this series Within the first chapter I was hooked The storyline is so unique and drew me in I am not normally a fantasy para fan but this storyline was so interesting that I couldn t stop reading and wanted to know how these five characters fit together What their story was, where they came from and what their bond was This book comes with some hilarious moments as well as they venture into some precarious mo [...]

  24. Rhea_swayssays:

    3.5 EXCITINGDefinitely some exciting plot points, imagination and characterization I was fully surprised by the depth of it all in the first book It had the right pull to gravitate the readers with its unique characters, I could genuinely say we didn t see some of their actions coming There was plenty of cheese and some random moments of viciousness but that s how life goes The h is really naive but still sticks up for herself, either way I see the potential for The 4 H s well they need develo [...]

  25. Jaime (Two Chicks on Books)says:

    Well shit I NEED book 2 NOW

  26. Saya ☽ Queen Of The Nightsays:

    REVERSE HAREM FTWi m shamelessand greedy andandandandandandand there are4 hot as hell guys in this book so basically be greedy

  27. Annasays:

    I unexpectedly stumbled upon a real gem It felt like the story that I always wanted to read, but just didn t know about it.I had absolutely no dislikes here and that s a first for me There s always seem to be one little thing that irks me, or something I wouldn t mind changing, but not here I loved everything about this book It had the perfect amount of intrigue and darkness to pique my interest, with some humor and action thrown into the mix, along with an incredible set of characters The plot [...]

  28. Jsays:

    I do not and will never understand the allurement of guys treating one badly, only to stick around to get treated badly some .

  29. Rainesays:

    Very mysteriousGreat start to the four part series A girl has been haunting four guys for about 5 1 2 years She doesn t know who she was or why she is here, but that she stays on this plane because she is anchored by these guys she has nickname Ed One, Two, Three and Four Of course this book ends on a cliffhanger I can t wait to read the next book.

  30. Raven_Blakesays:

    Actual rating 3.5 Stars

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