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Saving Noah
September 08, 2021Comments.. 986
Free Download Saving Noah - by Lucinda Berry Lucinda Berry Free Download Saving Noah - by Lucinda Berry - Saving Noah, Saving Noah We forgive murderers not pedophiles Not since Lionel Shriver brought us We Need to Talk About Kevin has a writer delved into the complexities of a disturbed mother son relationship Until now Meet Noa. Free Download Saving Noah - by Lucinda Berry - Saving Noah, Saving Noah We forgive murderers not pedophiles Not since Lionel Shriver brought us We Need to Talk About Kevin has a writer delved into the complexities of a disturbed mother son relationship Until now Meet Noa
  • Title: Saving Noah
  • Author: Lucinda Berry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Saving Noah Lucinda Berry Free Download Saving Noah - by Lucinda Berry - Saving Noah, Saving Noah We forgive murderers not pedophiles Not since Lionel Shriver brought us We Need to Talk About Kevin has a writer delved into the complexities of a disturbed mother son relationship Until now Meet Noa. Free Download Saving Noah - by Lucinda Berry, Saving Noah, Lucinda Berry, Saving Noah We forgive murderers not pedophiles Not since Lionel Shriver brought us We Need to Talk About Kevin has a writer delved into the complexities of a disturbed mother son relationship Until now Meet Noah an A honor roll student award winning swimmer and small town star destined for greatness There weren t any signs that something was wrong until the day he confesses toWe forgive murder

  • Free Download Saving Noah - by Lucinda Berry
    493Lucinda Berry
Saving Noah

986 Blog on “Saving Noah

  1. j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]says:

    Four StarsWhew This is a very short, very intense, very sad book Still interested Okay This book is about a pedophile who is still technically a child himself.Are you still there If I haven t scared you away, you will want to read this fictional account of a family in crisis It is told mostly from Adrianne s the mother POV as she tries to help her 16 year old son who is admittedly attracted to MUCH younger girls Yes, it is a taboo topic, but in the knowledgeable hands of Lucinda Berry, that subj [...]

  2. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*says:

    EXCERPT Noah being charged as a sex offender sucker punched our entire suburban community Child molesters were adults dirty old men who lured children into their cars with promises of candy and treats They weren t A honor roll students who ran varsity track and went to mass every Sunday THE BLURB Not since Lionel Shriver brought us We Need to Talk About Kevin has a writer delved into the complexities of a disturbed mother son relationship Until now Meet Noah an A honor roll student, award winnin [...]

  3. Debrasays:

    This book looks at what happens when your child commits a crime What happens when the child you love with all your heart and soul is branded a pedophile As a Mother you still love this person You will still see the good in them You still want the best for them You hurt when they are hurting When others harm your child seeking retribution, how does this affect you, your family, your relationships, and you children Whew Noah is an honor roll student and star on the swim team He is the ultimate all [...]

  4. Jansays:

    Well written and incredibly thought provoking read This is a book about child abuse While the actions are only alluded to, it is the foundation of what this whole book is about, so if this is a trigger, this is not the book for you Also note that there are scenes that involve the discussion of suicide and bullying Not everything, or everyone, is as they appearThe perfect family, the perfect son Until one day he confesses to molesting some of the young girls he has been in charge of coaching What [...]

  5. Tootersays:

    3.5 Stars rounded to 4.

  6. Laurasays:

    This is a difficult book to accurately review because the topic in question is so taboo Although it s a relatively short read, it s an intriguing one and I felt it could have easily been examined further in a couple of hundred pages Noah is the stereotypical all American teenager athletic, popular and loved by many Until he commits an unspeakable act against two young girls whom he swim coaches The story follows his family, predominantly his mother Adrienne, as Noah nears the end of his court o [...]

  7. Staci Muirsays:

    WowOmg this book was brilliant, Its been a while since a book managed to evoke so many conflicting emotions in me but Saving Noah not only managed to do this but managed to then blow me away with the twist at the end, how didn t I see that coming.highly recommended Lucinda Berry you have a new fan

  8. Barbara Elsborgsays:

    Well I guess this is a book that people will hugely admire or they ll hate I can see the point of view of those who take exception to it but I m not one of them Very difficult subject matter put yourself in the position of a mother whose teenage son admits to inappropriately touching young girls How do you react How would his father react What does it do to his life, your life and that of your young daughter The Author explores all these things and She succeeded in making me see something diffe [...]

  9. Claire Foxsays:

    Book 5 of 2018 was Saving Noah It s hard to rate this book due to the subject matter but it s a book that made me think and alter my perspective on some things I ll remember it for a long time This is a good novel for a book club as it leaves a lot to discuss.

  10. Todd Simpsonsays:

    A truly memorable read This story really highlights how quickly your life can suddenly change in the blink of an eye Lucinda Berry has done an exceptional job with this wonderful piece of writing It made me really connect with the mother in the story, and I could literally feel her pain coming through the pages Noah was a pretty popular 15 year old teenager He excelled in the swimming pool and on the track, and he really hadn t done anything wrong in his life That was until he made the horrible [...]

  11. J.P. Willsonsays:

    When I write a review I am usually apt to give an account of how the book makes me feel and not the typical you forgot to cross your t s and dot your I s crap Or God forbid, the typical synopsis of the story line which to me negates the entire premise of reading the book in the first place There is a reason for the write up on the book jacket, to give you an idea of what the story is about without giving too much away Why reviewers insist on rewriting that for the author in their respective rev [...]

  12. J.K. Nevesays:

    I m not sure how much one would be affected if you re not a parent, but I kept thinking what if this was my son Disturbing yes, but also heart wrenching, deeply and agonisingly beautiful You might see the end coming, but you won t be emotionally ready to deal with it.Loved every moment, even though it hurt.

  13. Britneysays:

    Review to follow

  14. Lori Schrodersays:

    Wow What a book The struggles of a mother with her son who admits to touching two young girls inappropriately She struggles with wondering if she can trust him again and keeping their family together But in the end, mother and son bond beyond belief This book had an ending I did not see coming I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read.

  15. Brandi Agasays:

    How did a boy who seemed so good do something so bad When I finished this book, I sat there and stared at my kindle for a while It s one of those that hits you deep in your soul For me, it spoke volumes, being a mother to two sons I cried, and cried, and cried some Lucinda made me question everything I once believed in Bad people what makes someone bad Doesn t that person still deserve to be treated like a human Why must people treat that person so badly they don t even want to live I have neve [...]

  16. Sharon M. Reynoldssays:

    Extremely interesting read that blew away my many misconceptions about pedophilia I literally could not put this book down The topic of pedophilia has intrigued me from a victim s standpoint, but I was forced to face some hard facts about people afflicting such acts.

  17. Lizsays:

    Noah is a teenage pedophile Saving Noah is the story of his struggle against his own impulses and the havoc his actions and condition reek upon his family Disturbing to say the least, Saving Noah is nonetheless an important novel that can open up a dialogue about a disorder that s widely misunderstood and almost always swept under the rug While all pedophiles are not predators, pedophilia is a devastating condition nonetheless Saving Noah explores the consequences of these facts and the desire f [...]

  18. Preenasays:

    3.5This book was captivating The topic of pedophilia instantly drew me in since there are very rare books based on it I m still confused about some things like How did Lucas get better or did he , Did he ever sexually abuse Katie , If he could get better then why didn t he help his own son He could have shared his experience and helped Noah get through it If Lucas is alive, Noah deserved to live as well It was definitely a thought provoking book and made me cry a lot I would love to read books [...]

  19. Noellesays:

    I really enjoyed this book as I ve never read anything like it You can tell the author used her background in Child Trauma Stress to write this story I would definitely recommend it It took me three days since I was really busy, or else I would ve finished it in one sitting.

  20. Jennifer Shanahansays:

    This book was absolutely heartbreaking I was crying during the last few chapters so much that I could barely read and had to go back and reread them this morning Adrienne is an amazing mom, someone that I strive to be I have five kids, three boys two girls and I feel like I would do exactly what she did for Noah, for any of my kids too in theory but in reality, I don t know if I actually could Nothing like what Noah did has ever happened to me so I can t say I would be as amazing and strong as A [...]

  21. Jessica Rodriguezsays:

    I don t even know where to beginNoahoh poor, Noah and his mother embark in the most horrific of all journeys I cannot imagine being the mother of a pedophile and having to deal with the consequences along side your child It s your child Yours And he s done the most awful act anyone could ever commit Do you stop loving him Do you disown him and leave him to face reality alone I can t imagine the choices you have And worse yet, imagine being the parent of the child that was molested It makes my st [...]

  22. Sonyasays:

    WOW I couldn t imagine how the author could write about pedophilia in a way that would make me care about the abuser but Lucinda Berry managed to make me care about Noah and made me cry I hadn t done that in a long time This book grabs you from the beginning and never lets you go It is told mainly from Adrienne s perspective and occasionally from Noah s This family is the perfect family until Noah finally confides to his mother an inappropriate experience he has with a couple of young minor girl [...]

  23. Lindsey Openshawsays:

    This book took me to a place inside myself that made me unsettled, and terrified As a mother of young boys it was impossible to not imagine being Adrianne and putting myself, unwillingly, into her shoes Having children I have always had clear opinions on pedophiles and this subject matter challenged this to some degree I found my heart breaking for Noah despite understanding people s reactions to him It s such a controversial subject I think it s impossible to fully comprehend the situation, ins [...]

  24. Elli Andrewssays:

    Ever since Noah was a baby, his mother Adrianne has always told him that she will love you no matter what However, when he confesses to molesting 6 year old girls at his swim class, the very core of that mantra is tested as Adrianne watches her world, her marriage and her son fall apart around her.Saving Noah is a difficult read it s heart breaking in places and utterly frustrating in others but it is an interesting insight on a very taboo and not well documented subject from an author who is a [...]

  25. Juliasays:

    Much food for thought This is such a sad story I don t know if there are really people out there like Noah, the main character of the book, who are good in every way with their only flaw being that they are sexually attracted to children Regardless, being the mother of two young girls, you do think of pedophiles as monsters This book takes you on a journey through the eyes of the mother of the pedophile Her pain and heartache and her continued love for her son It makes you think.what would I do [...]

  26. Dawnsays:

    When young Noah confessed to his parents that he has been touching children, everything in their world turned upside down His father was disgusted and wanted nothing to do with him, but his mother stood by him She always told him, she loved him no matter what.Noah knew he needed to be punished, and as hard as it was his mother she saw him through the rollercoaster of emotions while he received treatment Although not an easy subject to read about I have to say this was a beautifully written stor [...]

  27. angiesays:

    Quick but disturbing story about a teenage pedophile and his mother s unwavering love and battle to cure him Noah Coates is an otherwise happy, successful teen who is tormented by his attraction to little girls When he confesses to his mother he molested two on the swim team he helps coach, the family is torn apart and ostracized by their community Noah is sent to a treatment center for juvenile sex offenders for 18 months I found it quite sad but enlightening because It s obvious by his love fo [...]

  28. Beasays:

    This was not a fun book to read If you want to know what it would be like to be the parent of a pedophile or any criminal behavior , or the pedophile himself, this book handles the subject pretty well The story is like a nightmare, but I came through it having a little empathy for both parent and pedophile The author says that real pedophilia can t really be treated I felt so sorry for the mother and had to keep reading to find out how she handled her son s request, and I hated the father for h [...]

  29. Karen Bullocksays:

    PhenomenalThis was my first time reading this author what an impact she made on me Truly an outstanding piece of literature that I found to be thought provoking, heart wrenching, intensely intimate, passionate also quite aggravating.Written from various point of views, this book will make you sad, make you at ease was also informative on many levels.Solid characterization in very realistic situations as well as extremely emotional not for the faint of heart Jawdropping climax that popped my eyes [...]

  30. Stacysays:

    StunningIdk how to feel about the subject The book is so much tjhan its description I like to think I stay ahead of many plots I NEVER guessed this ending It raises questions No simplistic answers A mom in denial but does she finally see What will be come of the sister Bedwetting is a concern Ethics truth I d like of the story Fantastic 5 stars

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