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Arm of the Sphinx
July 19, 2021Comments.. 446
Unlimited Arm of the Sphinx - by Josiah Bancroft Josiah Bancroft Unlimited Arm of the Sphinx - by Josiah Bancroft - Arm of the Sphinx, Arm of the Sphinx The second book in the word of mouth phenomenon fantasy series about one man s dangerous journey through a labyrinthine world One of my favorite books of all time Mark Lawrence on Senlin AscendsThe To. Unlimited Arm of the Sphinx - by Josiah Bancroft - Arm of the Sphinx, Arm of the Sphinx The second book in the word of mouth phenomenon fantasy series about one man s dangerous journey through a labyrinthine world One of my favorite books of all time Mark Lawrence on Senlin AscendsThe To
  • Title: Arm of the Sphinx
  • Author: Josiah Bancroft
  • ISBN: 9780316517959
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback

Arm of the Sphinx Josiah Bancroft Unlimited Arm of the Sphinx - by Josiah Bancroft - Arm of the Sphinx, Arm of the Sphinx The second book in the word of mouth phenomenon fantasy series about one man s dangerous journey through a labyrinthine world One of my favorite books of all time Mark Lawrence on Senlin AscendsThe To. Unlimited Arm of the Sphinx - by Josiah Bancroft, Arm of the Sphinx, Josiah Bancroft, Arm of the Sphinx The second book in the word of mouth phenomenon fantasy series about one man s dangerous journey through a labyrinthine world One of my favorite books of all time Mark Lawrence on Senlin AscendsThe Tower of Babel is proving to be as difficult to reenter as it was to break out of Forced into a life of piracy Senlin and his eclectic crew are struggling to survive aboThe second boo

  • Unlimited Arm of the Sphinx - by Josiah Bancroft
    346Josiah Bancroft
Arm of the Sphinx

446 Blog on “Arm of the Sphinx

  1. Mark Lawrencesays:

    It seems ridiculous to me that I should be only the 4th person to be reviewing this book.Like its predecessor it is a brilliant piece of work I try to be positive about books where possible, and that can leave me stretching for adjectives when I hit a book that really really REALLYworks for me So I ve opted for repetition and playing with the font instead.I understand that everyone has different tastes, and mine aren t always in line with the mainstream, but dammit these two books are genius I j [...]

  2. Petriksays:

    Buddy read with my lovely friends Melanie Sarah Raven s Shadow by Anthony Ryan, Riyria Revelations by Michael J Sullivan and now The Books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft, I ll be surprised if this series didn t become the next series to be included in the successful Fantasy Indie Authors story.Arm of the Sphinx, the second book in The Books of Babel series continues months after the end of previous book Each chapter still begins with memorable and philosophical quotes such as We are, each of us, a [...]

  3. James LafayetteTivendalesays:

    I received an advance reader copy of Arm of the Sphinx in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank Josiah Bancroft and Orbit Books Bancroft s second outing in The Books of Babel series was originally self published in 2015 and has recently been re released through Orbit Following on from Senlin Ascends, Thomas Senlin and his handful of colourful acquaintances find themselves living a life of piracy outside the tower onboard their commandeered airship The Stone Cloud This is all a mean [...]

  4. Melaniesays:

    1 Senlin Ascends Buddy Read with Petrik Civilization is like sunshine Spread it about, and the world blooms with culture, innovation, and fraternity But focus it all upon one spot, and mankind scorches the earth like a ray from a magnifying glass A year has passed since the events that have lead Senlin into the tower Marya is still missing, but Senlin is still in relentless pursuit to find his missing new bride, but to also find out even mysteries that lie in every level of the tower This revie [...]

  5. ☽Luna☾says:

    3.5 5 If there isn t peril, then it isn t an adventure Buddy read with my favourite book pal, Petrik This review contains minor spoilers for Senlin Ascends I really enjoy my Journeys in the Tower of Babel, but I just feel this novel was not on book ones level Don t get me wrong, it was still a fantastic novel, However Senlin Ascends was like finding a bag of magic mushrooms devouring the whole bag in one mouthful, then sitting back and letting your mind go on a wild incredible fun journey Not th [...]

  6. Hiu Greggsays:

    I was really nervous about reading this book So nervous that I took 6 months to finally pluck up the courage to read it.Why was I nervous Well, because I loved Senlin Ascends I loved it so severely, I had convinced myself that anything which followed would only suffer in comparison The ending of the first novel and I m going to be careful to avoid any spoilers here marked a distinct change in direction for the series, and I was worried that such a change would not necessarily be for the better I [...]

  7. Milisays:

    Continued the sequel with Bookish Buddies A strong sequel, again very entertaining and beautifully written Even though you didnt have the new world vibe any that was strong and strange in book one, it was still filled with oddities that you expected sure but also very much wanted The curiosity to know what else the tower contained made it feel very adventurous, it was so vivid and fun The team has a strong chemistry, all of them are lovable pieces in the story So yes again crazy stuff happens, b [...]

  8. Milda Page Runnersays:

    Loved it Lighter, humorous with action adventure than the first book The pacing is better and I believe readers who liked Senlin Ascends but had issues with the pacing will enjoy this one Everyone in the crew get their own Pov which sets a different tone, since not everyone is as intellectual and gloomy as Senlin We have some of the coolest women I ve seen in a steam punk fantasy here and pirates no less Pirate adventure and camaraderie, friendship and crew gluing together earning each other [...]

  9. Leonasays:

    Senlin Ascends was a superb read and this book is even better Arm of the Sphinx is a Steampunk wonder of high literary quality, featuring incredible adventures, top notch character development, beautiful scenes, entrancing imagination and, I must mention, supplemented with marvelous artwork on the author s site and Instagram account I highly recommend going to the author s web site and checking out the artwork I am very much looking forward to the release of the third book, The Hod King I can t [...]

  10. Mikesays:

    Civilization is like sunshine Spread it about, and the world blooms with culture, innovation, and fraternity But focus it all upon one spot, and mankind scorches the earth like a ray from a magnifying glass.While the Tower certainly has civilization to spare, I would be hard pressed to say it was civilized Barbarity clothed in silk is just as savage possibly so than barbarity clothed in leather and furs Considering what Senlin had to go through in the the first book any pretense of the Tower be [...]

  11. Marielle Ooms-Vogessays:

    Since I loved Senlin Ascends I was a bit afraid to start part 2 What if I didn t like it There was no need to worry because I also loved this second book.More amazing adventures, unexpected people and events, imagination More Alice in Wonderland Before reading this book I thought I knew The author could not surprise me again Could he Well he could and he did and I am just so excited about these books I simply can t wait for The Hod King, it is among my most anticipated books of 2017.

  12. ScottHitchcocksays:

    DNF 33%I really wanted to like this book and series and it s not all bad The world building from book one was so promising even with the slow pace Then this book started off really good The author has a habit of straying from the action in a way that s distracting not tension building I found myself wanting to do anything but continue reading it Maybe it picks up and finishes on an upnote like the last book but life s too short to find out.

  13. Mikesays:

    This confirms not that Senlin Ascends really had me wondering that Josiah Bancroft is the real thing.What really struck me with this was the sense of things converging Little bits and pieces of the previous book that I had forgotten about came up again with added significance There are some books George RR Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, and Scott Lynch, I m looking at you where, as great as the books are, I get the feeling of a driver barely in control of the car It s going in the direction they want [...]

  14. Lisasays:

    I just finished The Arm of the Sphinx a few minutes ago It has been SO SO long since I ve read a book that I really didn t want to end In fact, I so wanted to prolong it that I kept putting it down and looked for excuses to putter around the house but I d find myself back in my chair flipping pages SO SO good I admit it took me a little bit to get into the first book but it hooked me enough to start the second which is an absolute delight So much of what I ve read over the past few years seems s [...]

  15. Charlie - A Reading Machinesays:

    I had this in my hands within days of finishing the first book and shortly after that I was done and bitching about the lack of a third book.Now not to insult the first book but Bancroft somehow makes the extraordinary events and revelations of Senlin Ascends seem almost mundane in comparison to the incredible goings on within The Arm of The Sphinx If you ve only read the first book you ll no doubt think this impossible and I have gone completely mad.Thomas Senlin has grown and changed but still [...]

  16. Rosesays:

    Crap, crap, and double crap I did it to myself again I found a series, and not just any series but an amazingly good series, I fell head over heals in love with it, and it s not done There are supposed to be two Now this is good and bad news Good because there are two but I m going to have to wait for a couple of years to finish this story I swear the book gods hate me I m now at the point where I think Bancroft is a writing genius He has created the most amazing world and characters The story [...]

  17. Miasays:

    Note The text should be centered but, despite my best efforts, I can t figure out how to do it Eek Aaargh Much pulling of hairArm of the Sphinx just laid my heart bare.Dear God, what an ending It left me just reeling Mr Bancroft, I m dying, do you even care Forgive me I just had to vent off some steam When you finish this book, trust me, you ll want to scream.Need a Beer Me Go Round,But one s not to be found,Oh, it s a reader s dilemma in the extreme In Babel there stands this old TowerBefore wh [...]

  18. Pavlesays:

    to sam stariji i to sam vi e knjiga pro itao, sve vi e shvatam da je retkost, pa, retka Neki roman koji mi je ranije delovao revolucionarno, zapravo je kola obrazaca rasutih po njemu sli nim knjigama Neretko mogu i da o ekujem, da osetim ta je slede e re enice, likovi i pri e, ponavljaju se kao ograni en katalog plo a Posle nekog vremena, i gramofon se umori Ovo je ne to novo Ne to retko Za to ta to Pojma nemam Bankroft nije izmislio magijski realizam, kao ni stimpank, kao ni klasi nu Indi avant [...]

  19. Miriamsays:

    This is pretty much everything I ve ever wanted in a fantasy novel Glorious worldbuilding The urban fantasy to end all urban fantasies Wonderful characters interacting in wonderful ways Hilarity Horror Adventure A bit of philosophy and theme on the side These books should be best sellers I can t begin to comprehend why everyone isn t talking about them.

  20. Kristensays:

    This review is also here, on my blog Well That ending left me wanting well, a book that didn t end, quite frankly Incidentally, I d also be okay with a bottomless library.This one was a great adventure from start to finish We got to know characters a bit better by switching to their POV for a while Characters I was or less indifferent towards in the first book are now swiftly becoming favorites Voleta in particular I love her I do what I want attitude Edith as well I want all the things for Edi [...]

  21. Richard S. Gerlachsays:

    Okay, so, a few weeks back, I read Senlin Ascends as part of a bookclub choice here on If I m being frank, I wasnt too interested in reading it, but I wanted to participate in a discussion I saw all the positive reviews on both books, but I still wasn t sold I bought it, and it took me a little bit to get into it That being said, once the plot took off, I fell in love with the book I devoured Senlin Ascends quickly and bought Arm of the Sphinx shortly after I just got around to finishing Arm of [...]

  22. Taylor Prestonsays:

    Sometimes I feel like I have to write impressive reviews for impressive books But, all that really needs to be said is this is amazing Oh man, this sequel is every bit as good as the first book It s packed with clever characters, suspense, and surprises For every answer we re granted, another question arises It s just plain fun The journey is incredible both the detailed adventures and character development I have no doubt this series will catch like wild fire soon enough.

  23. Jessicasays:

    It s always a bit nerve wracking when you read the second book in a series that had such a strong start, but this was even better than Senlin Ascends I just finished it, and I m already dying for the third book.

  24. Alexsays:

    Holy shit I guess these books are just that good.

  25. Catherinesays:

    If books are traps, then let them be like terrariums sealed up and still living miniatures of the world.The first book in this series was a surreal and complex adventure The second book was no less surreal or complex, and was every bit an adventure, perhaps so Arm of the Sphinx allowed the reader to spend time with Thomas Senlin s crew, and they are each endearing and admirable despite their very human shortcomings The Sphinx was one surprise after another mysteries were revealed and new ones [...]

  26. Mitrielsays:

    While Senlin Ascends was already an outstanding work of fiction, it s the second Book of Babel, Arm of the Sphinx that confirms or otherwise makes it blatantly obvious, in case you had any doubts before, that you re reading a classic The imagination behind these books, both fascinating and thought provoking, the complex characters, the compelling story and the excellent prose all contribute in equal measures to create a world that stays with you long after you put down the book I felt the Arm of [...]

  27. Andreasays:

    Good continuation of the first book, I loved the characters, new and old The world is mysterious and great to read about I can t wait to read the next book after that ending

  28. Efkasays:

    The Arm of the Sphinx is a really good book, but it lost its predecessors element of surprise the WOW effect and was a bit settled I enjoyed it, but on every level plot, character development, setting, villains it was a downgrade compared to Senlin Ascends Still it is a really good, exciting, gripping and very well written series I am definitely interested in how everything will evolve and what is the nature of The Tower, so no real surprise that I ll be waiting for a third book quite impatient [...]

  29. Vicsays:

    Great second book I actually liked it better than the first one because the characters continue to grow and amaze, and their adventures get better and better Looking forward to reading the next one.

  30. Tamsays:

    I finished Arm of the Sphinx last night, nearing midnight, and at the time I was unsure of how to write this review I spent quite a while staring at the ceiling as my brain tried to comprehend all the twists and turns I d just read through To put my thoughts into the most succinct form possible this book is amazing.Arm of the Sphinx is a fantastic continuation on the amazing series start, and I can t wait to see what happens in book 3 The Hod King.SettingArm of the Sphinx is book 2 in the Books [...]

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