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The Surrogate
July 20, 2021Comments.. 131
↠ The Surrogate ☆ Louise Jensen Louise Jensen ↠ The Surrogate ☆ Louise Jensen - The Surrogate, The Surrogate You know that feeling When you want something so badly you almost feel you d kill for it Be careful what you wish for Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents and are on the. ↠ The Surrogate ☆ Louise Jensen - The Surrogate, The Surrogate You know that feeling When you want something so badly you almost feel you d kill for it Be careful what you wish for Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents and are on the
  • Title: The Surrogate
  • Author: Louise Jensen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Surrogate Louise Jensen ↠ The Surrogate ☆ Louise Jensen - The Surrogate, The Surrogate You know that feeling When you want something so badly you almost feel you d kill for it Be careful what you wish for Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents and are on the. ↠ The Surrogate ☆ Louise Jensen, The Surrogate, Louise Jensen, The Surrogate You know that feeling When you want something so badly you almost feel you d kill for it Be careful what you wish for Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents and are on the point of giving up Then a chance encounter with Kat s childhood friend Lisa gives Kat and Nick one last chance to achieve their dream But Kat and Lisa s history hides da You know that fe

  • ↠ The Surrogate ☆ Louise Jensen
    366Louise Jensen
The Surrogate

131 Blog on “The Surrogate

  1. Kaceeysays:

    The desperation to be a mother What lengths would someone go to fulfill that dream Kat and her husband Nick are ready to complete their family with a baby Unable to conceive, they turn to the obvious alternativeoption When Kat runs into her childhood friend Lisa, she shares the difficulties they ve been struggling with to start a family Without any hesitation, Lisa offers a solution to their problemrrogacy With Lisa as the surrogate This was Kat s closest friend who she d been estranged from for [...]

  2. Mary Bethsays:

    So many unlikable characters, and I didn t know who I could trust This one was a big surprise and I am not going to give anything away because if you decide to read this, I want you to be surprised too I didn t like any of the characters and usually when I don t like one character, I usually don t like the book I ended up loving this book There were so many secrets and that was what keep me turning the pages The suspense kept on building and building I was so intrigued So many secrets and so man [...]

  3. Susanne Strongsays:

    3.5 Stars rounded down Louise Jensen s The Surrogate is a campy mystery that keeps your attention throughout.Kat is desperate for a baby She and her husband Nick have tried everything unfortunately Kat is unable to conceive After suffering heartache after heartache, Kat and Nick try to adopt, only to fail again then something crazy happens Kat runs into her ex best friend, Lisa and Lisa offers to become their surrogate The catch Lisa and Kat have a past Something bad happened between them 10 yea [...]

  4. Berit☀️✨says:

    4.5 twisted stars This book kept me on my toes until the bitter end Kat wants a baby, at any cost, so when Lisa a friend she has had not had contact with in over 10 years reenters her life she assumes it is fate that she is offering to be a surrogate for her I spent most of this book hoping Kat would smarten up, I felt as though she needed a good friend in her life to shake some sense into her, but I spent the rest of the time trying to figure out how all these characters were connected in the p [...]

  5. Normasays:

    This was a Traveling Sisters group read that I had the pleasure of reading along with Brenda, Kaceey, Lindsay, Holly B, Susanne, Berit, Mary Beth and Jennifer We had some fun and interesting discussions trying to figure this one out THE SURROGATE by LOUISE JENSEN is a shocking, twisty, suspenseful, and a highly entertaining psychological thriller novel that had so many twists and turns that felt like I was on the crazy train to nowhere This book did keep me rolling on down the track in nervous a [...]

  6. Kendallsays:

    Ok wow had to recover a little bit from this book.I have been a big fan of Louise Jensen since her debut of The Sister Of course, I jumped on the wagon to read her newest novel The Surrogate I was overly excited that I was approved on Netgalley for this one Kat and her husband Nick are doing everything in their power to become parents Unfortunately, heartache after heartache for this couple in getting their dream of becoming mother and father Out of nowhere, Kat runs into a long time childhood f [...]

  7. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*says:

    EXCERPT Is it really a coincidence she is here or has she purposely tracked me down And if so, why Revenge whispers the voice inside my head THE BLURB You know that feeling When you want something so badly, you almost feel you d kill for it Be careful what you wish for Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents, and are on the point of giving up Then a chance encounter with Kat s childhood friend Lisa gives Kat and Nick one last chance to achieve their dream But Kat and Lis [...]

  8. Melisasays:

    There is nothing that hooks me with psychological thrillers than when a past tragedy is alluded to right off the bat, but you have no idea what actually happened And Louise Jensen is a master at this This twisting of time and space and trying to figure out what happened when You know when you want to say to a character, no Are you crazy This person is walking all over you You have to suspend disbelief a bit to think someone wouldn t see all the signs and red flags, but it also makes me heated w [...]

  9. Sarah Jointsays:

    Louise Jensen has quickly climbed my list of favorite authors If she writes a book, I ll read it I spent most of my time reading this one with my brow furrowed, trying to figure out who I could trust In this book everyone, and I mean EVERYONE seems a little fishy I thought I knew exactly where it was headed, but no I was wrong about pretty much everything My armchair detective skills have failed me This story required some suspension of disbelief and I didn t really relate much with the characte [...]

  10. HollyBsays:

    Looking for a good binge book This could be it Kat and her husband Nick are desperately trying to get pregnant Two adoption attempts have already broken their hearts Kat would do anything to become a mom, but the anything is the scary part I m slipping back into the past The good The bad All of it Kat feels an uneasiness in the air Does anyone else feel it Kat and her friend Lisa run into each other unexpectedly and catch up with each others lives, but they share a dark past and they are both st [...]

  11. Brendasays:

    3.5 Stars I read The Surrogate with eight of my Traveling Sisters and we all mostly enjoyed this one making this a very enjoyable, fun and entertaining reading experience for us The Surrogate is a fast paced, entertaining, intriguing yet far fetched and twisty story that felt like we were watching a fast paced train on it s way to a train wreck It s a twisty path with lots of turns that clipped along as the suspense kept building until the twisty carnage that left us gawking in disbelief.Louise [...]

  12. Lindsaysays:

    3 stars This was one wild and crazy ride wow This book definitely had a big shock factor for me The author, Louise Jensen, kept the twists, secrets and surprises coming right up until the end I enjoyed the suspense and anticipation of wondering what would happen next and to see how things would all end I found the majority of this story to be quite far fetched which prevented me from truly connecting with the book With that being said, the book was written in such an intriguing and suspenseful w [...]

  13. Carriesays:

    Kat and her husband Nick have been trying to start a family for several years now with no luck When it was found that Kat couldn t conceive they had turned their attention to adoption thinking they would be able to begin the family they both wanted that way After a couple of failed attempts when the child goes to someone else at the last minute Kat is devastated and losing hope While out one day Kat runs into her childhood friend Lisa with whom she hadn t spoken to in years and didn t think woul [...]

  14. ReadAlong With Suesays:

    This is my kind of read, one that you can get your teeth into the thriller part emotional and realistic my female mothery part and what fertility problems have on a couple my experience with a friend who so wanted needed a baby.So I could think out of the box with this one, I have had experience of being around a couple who had tried no endless of methods to have a baby, yes including surrogacy The emotional wreck it can leave a couple is beyond trying to explain, so, I could see both couples si [...]

  15. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReadersays:

    3.5ish runaway train stars to The SurrogateI will keep this review brief because I don t want to give anything away I dubbed this book a trainwreck in our group read It s far fetched at times, sometimes to the point of being outlandish, but The Surrogate is always entertaining And just like any trainwreck, you have to keep watching reading until you know just how it ends The premise was original, and the ending was unpredictable and those things, along with the pure entertainment, added to my en [...]

  16. Paulinesays:

    The surrogate by Louise Jenson was a story full of secrets and lies Kat is desperate to become a mother and when her adoption of a child from another country falls through she enters into an agreement with an old friend Lisa who offers to become a surrogate I enjoyed this book and the story kept me intrigued as there was so many twist and turns I would like to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

  17. Adrian Dooleysays:

    Wow A book that s far from perfect but nearly always entertaining and a large OMG for those last 50 pages or so and the ending Kat and Nick are desperate to be parents Married 10 years and having found out that Kat can t conceive they have decided to go the adoption route They have tried and have failed with a couple of foreign adoption attempts and Kat is distraught She wants nothing than to be a mother She has started a new life for herself after some, as yet disclosed,major event in her life [...]

  18. Julessays:

    As I m not a mother and have no desire to become one, I wasn t sure whether I would love this book However, having loved both previous books by Louise Jensen, I was still very much looking forward to reading this I m pleased to announce that The Surrogate was yet another 5 star read for me.This story starts with a crime scene where two bodies are found The story then goes back to what led to that scene Part way through the book I was sure I d worked out who those bodies were Then one of those pe [...]

  19. The Book Review Cafésays:

    Ever since I read Louise Jensen s debut The Sister I ve been a huge fan of her writing, but OMG The Surrogate her latest and most adventurous book yet puts her firmly on my list of must read authors The Surrogate s title misled me, I thought it would be a heart warming tale, but how wrong could I be It turned out to be dark and very twisted tale, one that s shrouded in lies, buried secrets and betrayal I really think this is the authors best book yet and it definitely one of the best psychologic [...]

  20. Meggysays:

    Ever wanted something so bad you would do anything to get it I wanted bookcases so I nagged and nagged until the apartment was finally filled with books houses.But what Kat wants is a baby You can t buy them on yet or make your choice among IKEA baby shelves.The heart of The Surrogate is motherhood What it takes, what happens when you re denied it, when you get cast to be the woman, not the mother But it is also so much than that.Louise Jensen dives so deep into the psyche of a woman whose desi [...]

  21. Monniesays:

    Oh, baby, what a wild ride Not that it wasn t expected after all, I ve read and thoroughly enjoyed both of the author s previous books The Gift and The Sister so I figured it was a given that this would be a winner as well As it turns out, this may well be the best of the lot.My baby reference wasn t an accident, either at the center of the story is a couple Kat and Nick who are beyond eager to have a child Unable to conceive, they ve tried, with help from Nick s friend Richard, to adopt infants [...]

  22. Nickisays:

    Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents and are on the point of giving up.Then a chance encounter with Kat s childhood friend Lisa gives Kat and Nick one last chance to achieve their dream.But Kat and Lisa s history hides dark secrets.And there is to Lisa than meets the eye.As dangerous cracks start to appear in Kat s perfect picture of happily ever after,she realises that she must face her fear of the past to save her family.Opening at a crime scene in a quiet cul de s [...]

  23. Suesays:

    THE SURROGATE by Louise Jensen is a suspenseful psychological thriller novel with so many twists and an unexpected ending that I never saw coming Having been so impressed with her previous novels, The Gift and The Sister , I didn t know if she could keep up the momentum but she blew it out of the water with this one The novel deals with the emotional roller coaster that a married couple, Kat and her husband Nick go through, when they have tried to become parents, and are at the point of giving u [...]

  24. Judy Collinssays:

    The 30 Best Books of 2017 Louise Jensen is on a roll Three hits in a row quite the accomplishment Her passion shines through The author s previous two books reached 1 in the UK and abroad if you have not heard The thriller queen returns followingThe Gifton myTop Books of 2016andThe Sister 2016 with her latest THE SURROGATE her best yet NOTE to readers PS I continue to say, I am going to keep my reviews short That way I can write many reviews Right However, when I get started, they seem to go on [...]


    Nick and Kat are mourning the two failed adoptions they had attempted, when in walks Lisa, a childhood friend of Kat s, providing the solution to their parenting problems by offering to become their surrogate.This had the ingredients of so many surrogate gone wrong stories, that I admittedly questioned whether I should give this one a try or not I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the same old surrogate story I had assumed it to be.Although this tale started off slowly, it soon had me g [...]

  26. Linda Strongsays:

    4.5 StarsKate and Nick seem to have it all except for a child of their own Two out of country adoptions have fallen through and Kate is heartbroken.A reunion with a childhood friend gives her new hope When everyone has secrets, who do you trust When everyone seems to lie, who do you believe I guarantee this one will have you riveted to your chair until the very last word on the very last page There are so many surprising twists and turns and trying to guess the ending is impossible and the endin [...]

  27. Chloesays:

    Kat and Nick are happily married but have been trying to have a baby for some time now After two failed attempts at adoption Kat looses all hope but she comes across Lisa ,her old estranged friend Lisa agrees to become a surrogate for Kat and Nick but does Lisa really want to help them or is seeking revenge for the past The Surrogate by Louise Jensen is a gripping psychological thriller which keeps you intrigued till the very end The twists and turns keep on coming with an unexpected ending Many [...]

  28. Trish at Between My Linessays:

    This review was originally posted on Between My LinesThe Surrogate by Louise Jensen hooked me in with an emotional but tense storyline A surrogate theme is always going to be complex, but when all the major parties are hiding secret pasts, well it s going to be complicated And it was First Line of The Surrogate by Louise Jensen There is a sense of panic horror hanging in the air like smoke My Thoughts on The Surrogate by Louise Jensen I m on high spoiler alert, as any sniff of those messy secret [...]

  29. Jaimesays:

    You know the saying Be careful what you wish for Well that comes to mind when reading this novel by Louise Jensen Kat and Nick are desperate to conceive They are at the point of giving up but they are given a chance at becoming parents when they run into Kat s old friend Lisa who agrees to be a surrogate But there are secrets Secrets which are bubbling to the surface and threaten to stop the family she has always wanted.I really enjoyed Louise Jensen s writing The writing was concise and enjoyab [...]

  30. Amysays:

    I ve been a huge fan of Louise Jensen and have read all of her books and loved them, but I think The Surrogate is my new favorite I ve also not had the pleasure of listening to one of her books before either and I absolutely adored the way this was brought to life by the fabulous narrator, Alex Tregear It made the whole thing feel real and was so much sinister than just reading it myself, she s amazing and has one of those voices you could listen to for hours.This flips between the past and pr [...]

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