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She Regrets Nothing
August 18, 2021Comments.. 605
Free Read She Regrets Nothing - by Andrea Dunlop Andrea Dunlop Free Read She Regrets Nothing - by Andrea Dunlop - She Regrets Nothing, She Regrets Nothing In the tradition of The Emperor s Children and The House of Mirth the forgotten granddaughter of one of New York s wealthiest men is reunited with her family just as she comes of age and once she s h. Free Read She Regrets Nothing - by Andrea Dunlop - She Regrets Nothing, She Regrets Nothing In the tradition of The Emperor s Children and The House of Mirth the forgotten granddaughter of one of New York s wealthiest men is reunited with her family just as she comes of age and once she s h
  • Title: She Regrets Nothing
  • Author: Andrea Dunlop
  • ISBN: 9781501155987
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback

She Regrets Nothing Andrea Dunlop Free Read She Regrets Nothing - by Andrea Dunlop - She Regrets Nothing, She Regrets Nothing In the tradition of The Emperor s Children and The House of Mirth the forgotten granddaughter of one of New York s wealthiest men is reunited with her family just as she comes of age and once she s h. Free Read She Regrets Nothing - by Andrea Dunlop, She Regrets Nothing, Andrea Dunlop, She Regrets Nothing In the tradition of The Emperor s Children and The House of Mirth the forgotten granddaughter of one of New York s wealthiest men is reunited with her family just as she comes of age and once she s had a glimpse of their glittering world she refuses to let it go without a fight When Laila Lawrence becomes an orphan at twenty three the sudden loss unexpectedly introducesIn th

  • Free Read She Regrets Nothing - by Andrea Dunlop
    417Andrea Dunlop
She Regrets Nothing

605 Blog on “She Regrets Nothing

  1. Cristina | CristiinaReadssays:

    Family drama, complications from the past and new faces to be reacquainted with and get to know That s the kind of novel you expect from Andrea As a New Yorker, and as someone who has gained an understanding as to how people portray the whole aspect of being a New Yorker or new to said state and the city, I can rightfully say that this story was indeed on the right path towards leading to something outstanding I was hesitant at first when getting to the ideal story plots and how Laila Lawrence, [...]

  2. Melisasays:

    This is a coming of age tale of a woman who discovers she has a long lost, wealthy family in New York City It is a dark, edgy, gritty story of a life that has been changed tremendously by these circumstances I m not going to lie, I was first drawn to this book by it s gorgeous cover, and it is one that suits it well I especially enjoyed reading about the places in NYC that I was familiar with, I love how it took on a life of its own and was almost a character in the story This book was Gossip Gi [...]

  3. HollyBsays:

    A lot of family drama complicated by money, boyfriends, and status.When 23 year old Laila becomes acquainted with her 3 long lost cousins who attend her mother s funeral She had known very little about her father s side of the family He died years earlier and she was surprised and thrilled to discover her estranged father s family were living in New York and known for their extreme wealth Laila discovers a scandalous family secret that reveals why the families were at odds Ultimately, she takes [...]

  4. Shannonsays:

    I LOVED the heck out of She Regrets Nothing by Andrea Dunlop I ran through this story within a day as it was VERY addicting She Regrets Nothing is scandalous, juicy, and just plain fun My typical genre is mystery or thriller but this story was just what I needed at the time And the cover It s gorgeous I just love everything about it So what s it about The story opens up at Laila Lawerence s mothers funeral Unbeknownst to Laila, her three cousins from NYC, Liberty, Leo and Nora, are in the back o [...]

  5. ☆Dani☆ ☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆says:

    Overall this was a likable book There was a lot of characters that I loved to hate and it went at a steady pace I was first intrigued by the synopsis and the cover and thought it would be interested This book was definitely interesting with the family drama and all the scandal that consumed the plot I felt this story was lacking a bit because it felt a bit too pretentious for my liking I was torn on the characters but I really LOVED Liberty s characterisation So overall this was a likable book f [...]

  6. Reading.Between.Winessays:

    5First of all, many thanks to Atria Books for providing me with an advance review copy of this book via NetGalley All opinions are my own.Wow, I was seriously blown away by this book, especially the ending Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and famous pardon the pun She Regrets Nothing gives you an interesting look into how the esteemed and wealthy in New York live, at least how I imagine many of them live anyway This book is mostly based on poor Laila, the lowly girl from Grosse Point, Michigan Dau [...]

  7. Janellesays:

    SHE REGRETS NOTHING by AndreaDunlop Thank you so much to Atria Books for providing my free advance copy all opinions are my own The story starts off at a funeral for Laila s mom, who passed away suddenly Her cousins show up at the funeral to pay their respects, only she had no idea they existed Laila grew up relatively poor so when she realizes her cousins are wealthy socialites who live in New York well, you can guess what can happens BUT I recommend picking up this book It is so compelling and [...]

  8. Gabbysays:

    This book is full of RichPeopleProblems It s definitely not my thing This story follows a twenty three year old girl named Laila Laurence who discovers she has a bunch of rich cousins living in Manhattan, New York when her parents die She takes a chance and moves to New York to live with her wealthy cousins and becomes swept up in the elite privileged lifestyle that they have always known Then this book is basically about rich people and their rich people problems I didn t like any of the charac [...]

  9. Susansays:

    She Regrets NothingAndrea DunlopReceived from Atria BooksHoly cow SHE REGRETS NOTHING is filled with family drama at its finest Once I started reading, it was very hard to put down The twists and turns kept me reading late into the night and I had to know what was going to happen Laila has just lost her mom and her dad has already passed She is truly alone Then she learns she has cousins in New York City who are very very rich Two years later, Laila finds herself going to live with those cousins [...]

  10. MaryBeth's Bookshelfsays:

    She Regrets Nothing sucks you in from the very first page and doesn t let go until the end I could not put this book down The unexpected twists and turns had my heart racing as I read through this book It s like Sex and the City with a high stakes, scandalous edge to it.Laila Lawrence is 23 years old when she finds out that she has long lost family living in New York City The Lawrence family is one of the wealthiest and well known families in the city Her cousin Liberty is a literary agent, twin [...]

  11. Amysays:

    Raise your hand if you were a fan of Gossip Girl Either the books or the TV series, I preferred to binge the series, but I digress If you liked those books back in the day then She Regrets Nothing should be your next read It s a adult version with a darker edge but still explores the glamorous side of the elite society in NYC This was scandalous, juicy and full of family drama.Laila never knew she had wealthy, albeit estranged family members until her mother passed away When she finally meets h [...]

  12. FMABookReviewssays:

    I didn t realize that matchmakers still existed, Welcome to New York, How do you think all of those gross old men find their hot young wives When I read the blurb for She Regrets Nothing , I was intrigued, and since Andrea Dunlop is a new to me author, I was excited to start reading about a story that was said to be, Sly and sexy, She Regrets Nothing is a sharply observed and utterly seductive tale about family, fortune, and fate and the dark side of wealth Did it deliver Yes and noI do like thi [...]

  13. Ellen at Book Bellassays:

    3.5 StarsA peak into the glittering world of New York society and the conflict between a poor cousin and her fabulously wealthy family Described as a Gossip Girl type story, this book certainly delivers on describing the incredibly wealthy New York socialites and their often empty lifestyle There s romance, intrigue, family drama and blackmail all wrapped up in a shiny bow I found the main character, Laila, slightly unlikable Yet I kept reading to find out what she would do next Laila moves from [...]

  14. The Lit Bitchsays:

    Lately I have had a desire to read a few contemporary novels that are out of my traditional review genre I have been particularly interested in books about lifestyles of the rich and famous but with a darker twist.That was what caught my eye about this book sounded like something a little complex than regular contempo lit I liked that it featured the wealthy and privileged society but at the same time showed the seedier side of money It was not a hard sell for me to read this book.So let s get [...]

  15. Ally (book__ventures)says:

    With my first experience with Andrea Dunlop s writing, I was pleasantly surprised She Regrets Nothing has a sophisticated heir about it The story was a mix of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City She Regrets Nothing has everything you could want if you are craving a story anything like the two mentioned television shows scandal, money, sex, affairs, and the lavish life of the upper class in New York City The story centers around Laila Lawerence, the estranged cousin to Liberty, Leo, and Nora Her cou [...]

  16. The Blonde Bookwormsays:

    Andrea Dunlop has become one of my auto buy authors, and in her latest novel She Regrets Nothing, Dunlop does not disappoint The reader follows along as Laila Lawrence is reunited with the wealthy side of her family And not just a little wealthy, these people know how to spend money and have a lot of it to spend They quickly take Laila under their wing in NYC and begin to teach her what its like to be wealthy She Regrets Nothing is fast paced and extremely well written Dunlop has a talent for ke [...]

  17. Jessica *The Lovely Books*says:

    3.5 Stars When I was first contacted to read She Regrets Nothing, all I saw in the subject line was Blair Waldorf would certainly approve That was it for me I didn t even need to read the rest of the blurb Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure I started watching the show in high school and to this day, I still watch it Sue me If someone says Blair freaking Waldorf approves of something, you bet your ass I m reading it Drama Yes Scandalous Hell yes Betrayal, secrets, and lies, oh my I loved this book [...]

  18. Meg - A Bookish Affairsays:

    3.5 stars In She Regrets Nothing, family secrets, entitlement, and villains abound Laila has always regretted that she has been forced to live a reasonably unexciting life just outside of Detroit due to her parents previous transgressions When she is left an orphan, her rich, glittering cousins from New York City come to bring her back into the fold Laila is excited to have family again or maybe she s just excited to have access to the family riches Now that she has had a taste of the good life, [...]

  19. Booksandchinooks (Laurie)says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I must admit I initially wasn t sure about this book in the beginning but the I read the I was engaged in the story Laila s mother has passed away and at the funeral three cousins show up that she was unaware she had Laila currently lives in a small town with few opportunities and she has limited financial resources Her cousin s tell her a little bit about their shared family history They inform her that they are v [...]

  20. Ashley (BooksandButtons)says:

    Thank you to Atria Books for providing me a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Laila is in her early 20 s, having a funeral for her mother when she meets her 3 cousins that she never knew existed After spending some time researching their backgrounds, she quickly discovers that they come from a pretty wealthy bloodline that she was excluded from due to a riff in the family Seeing that she is now an orphan left with nothing, she finds their lifestyle particularly intriguing [...]

  21. Debbiesays:

    Do not, I repeat, do not eff with Laila This girl is cray, cray Hellbent on a mission towards the way to reach her goal Be rich, like she should have been in the first place I felt all kinds of sorry for Laila at the beginning Yeah, she will do that to you Her naivety and wonderment, so endearing.A cousin of a major wealthy NYC family who has been denied her due That would be the huge share of the wealth that was kept from her due to her deceased parents being ostracized from the family when Lai [...]

  22. Jessicasays:

    I won, She Regrets Nothing in a Giveaway.This book is not yet released so I will keep my review brief, so as not to include any spoilers First, the cover is interesting initial impression was that it somehow gives the impression of the Show, Sex and the City I m not quite sure if this was intentional but when I began to read, I was amused to see the setting was in New York Good story, good characters I don t want to give too much away, but family is a through line I enjoyed the book and was thor [...]

  23. Kristina Libbysays:

    I enjoyed Andrea Dunlop s first book but felt like She Regrets Nothing brought a heightened level of maturity and depth to her writing We find a complicated world, characters who are complex and with a wide swath of emotional needs The book is a beautiful reminder for those who have or do or want to live in NYC, about the quest for belonging in a city and culture that have no need for you It s both funny and scary and dark and light and honest.

  24. Amysays:

    It takes tremendous skill to populate a book nearly entirely with unlikable truly despisable characters and still make it a riveting page turner Andrea Dunlop has done just that.You may think you will like Laila, but you won t Oh, sure she starts off as some sort of Forever 21 wearing Midwestern innocent, but give her ten minutes of realizing that she is a member of an obscenely rich New York family, and she sloughs off her discount duds for a sense of entitlement Some of my favorite moments wer [...]

  25. Katesays:

    If you re like me and are missing your weekly glimpse into the lives of New York s elite via Gossip Girl, I have terrific news for you SHE REGRETS NOTHING by Andrea Dunlop is exactly what your CW loving heart needs Family drama, backstabbing, an it girl, a wannabeI had so much fun with this book.The 411 After unexpectedly becoming an orphan at 23, Michigander Laila Lawrence is introduced to her cousins, Liberty, Leo, and Nora, all of whom are part of New York City s in crowd Desperate to be part [...]

  26. Marianasays:

    This is the third book I read by Dunlop counting the novella and when I read the description I was very intrigued I won t lie, I liked Losing the Light, but there was just something missing and I thought maybe this books could be the one I loved entirely Unfortunately, it wasn t.The story is interesting, but it was tooallow for me and a little bit slow in several parts I could never like Laila or the twins, although I did like Liberty I ll be honest with this too, the book does keep you reading [...]

  27. Georgia Clarksays:

    A long lost cousin enters New York society Glitz, glamour, stolen kisses, and a family secret they d kill to protect She Regrets Nothing is a sexy, sizzling new read from Andrea Dunlop that you won t be able to put down If this novel was a cocktail, it d be a Manhattan with a twist.

  28. Bookworm Between the Sheetssays:

    This is my first book to read by this author I really enjoyed the plot of the story, but I felt the writing was not that great I read the book cover to cover because I was super curious about the plot and how the story was going to end If you love a crazy drama with multiple POVs you will enjoy this book

  29. Lolly K Dandeneausays:

    via my blog bookstalkerblog.wordpress Her cousin, whose life had diverged from her own by a twist of fate, and who had endured so much, needed her It was an opportunity to set right some misalignment in the universe Liberty would do whatever she needed to help her.After all, Laila was a Lawerence And wasn t keeping family close what mattered most of all After the death of her mother, 23 year old Laila Lawerence is orphaned, her father having died years before Something happened long ago causing [...]

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