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Raised in Fire
July 22, 2021Comments.. 516
Unlimited Raised in Fire - by K.F. Breene K.F. Breene Unlimited Raised in Fire - by K.F. Breene - Raised in Fire, Raised in Fire It is a common truth in my life that when it rains it pours The killings that once plagued New Orleans are cropping up again in Seattle The local office is stumped I m called out to lend a fresh set. Unlimited Raised in Fire - by K.F. Breene - Raised in Fire, Raised in Fire It is a common truth in my life that when it rains it pours The killings that once plagued New Orleans are cropping up again in Seattle The local office is stumped I m called out to lend a fresh set
  • Title: Raised in Fire
  • Author: K.F. Breene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Raised in Fire K.F. Breene Unlimited Raised in Fire - by K.F. Breene - Raised in Fire, Raised in Fire It is a common truth in my life that when it rains it pours The killings that once plagued New Orleans are cropping up again in Seattle The local office is stumped I m called out to lend a fresh set. Unlimited Raised in Fire - by K.F. Breene, Raised in Fire, K.F. Breene, Raised in Fire It is a common truth in my life that when it rains it pours The killings that once plagued New Orleans are cropping up again in Seattle The local office is stumped I m called out to lend a fresh set of eyes and my unique magical touch It s only when I get there that I realize the Seattle office isn t stumped at all They re being silenced by the Mages Guild a corruptIt is a common

  • Unlimited Raised in Fire - by K.F. Breene
    470K.F. Breene
Raised in Fire

516 Blog on “Raised in Fire

  1. E Varadysays:

    Not a fan of book 2I was disappointed in this book The plot was ok, but the love story is too rushed The heroine is basically drugged into sex, which makes her consent very suspect For someone supposedly self sufficient she is a dumbass She needs constant saving by her stalker vampire and spends enough time saying no that you don t expect sex to happen and one bite later she s on her back It just feels sofalse and disrespectful No means no and coercing her to have sex was wrong Apparently she s [...]

  2. Irasays:

    3.75 stars.Well, I know there is not much romance in this series, I m okay with that but with that little romance we ve got, I was expecting Reagan to be slightly mature and less juvenile in term of her relationship with Darius, and we didn t get that, sigh.But the action still awesome

  3. T00zdaysays:

    2nd book in a trilogy SO good I really enjoy KF Breene s heroines Strong, smart mouthed ass kickers with a secret past or power.I ve re read this one several times so far I purchased, but I think it s available Kindle Unlimited.Absolutely recommended

  4. A little birdie told me... Gardnersays:

    Whoa I ve read few sequels that were better than the first book This one was thought out than the first and less confusing, but that may be because I was used to the author s style by now I loved the slow burn of the emerging relationship between Reagan and Darius I can t wait to see where it leads I loved the polite vampire so much, especially his protective yet encouraging demeanor towards Reagan He goes against his instincts to protect to allow Reagan to flourish in her new power He is suppo [...]

  5. Meg (

    5 Kick Ass Stars I know I have said this before, but Reagan s internal dialogue and witty comments are what dreams are made of When someone said it was their last piece of gum, how often was that legit Rarely Is that a trick question Because I feel like you should know the answer to that based on my personality Show me your tits, he yelled I punched him in the throat Come I will take you to my Leader Please say leader The entire kicking door s in while at the MLE office was hysterical I literall [...]

  6. Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon)says:


  7. Hollysays:

    Raised in Fire picks up pretty much right where book one, Born in Fire, leaves off The trilogy should be read in order We find out of Reagan s backstory here, plus see some progress in her relationship with Darius I liked the growth she showed in opening up to her mother s friends and Darius But she still seems pretty immature and silly in a lot of ways I m hoping for growth in the next book This was kind of slow reading I felt like a lot of it could have been cut I did a lot of skimming Still [...]

  8. Nekeisha Rycesays:

    Loved Loved Loved this book Reagan is a kick ass heroine and Darius is protective and scrumptious I love Callie and Dizzy too This book was magnificent and just keeps getting better Can t wait for the next one

  9. Lyndisays:

    This was a freaking roller coaster with highs and lows of my loving it and hating it and loop the loops of what the fuckery Also, why the fuck did I think it was loopty loops Moving on I almost DNF d this a few times in the beginning because Reagan was doing too much stupid shit Also, I kinda got sick of the I must resist Darius I can t resist Darius We mustn t Oh, but we are ten times in one night Like, I don t really care either way, but make up your goddamn mind already.I take that back I do [...]

  10. Twistsays:

    This was maybe better than the first book I loved it The relationship between Darius and Reagan is becoming intense and complicated I can completely see why he should bond her for her own protection I am just not sure what that would do to her though.More of Dizzy and Callie, which was fun Those two are extremely powerful, and very witty I can t wait to see of them.Vlad is a wildcard, and I can t figure out exactly what he is up to He seems to go along with Darius being the main point of conta [...]

  11. Vicky Lesays:

    Official Rating but of a 2.5 This was a very disappointing read for me being that the first book was such a strong start off, I probably overhyped myself for Raised in Fire.There were many problems in the book for me, the main one being the romance with the pace and realism coming close second.The romance felt very disconnected Everything feels rushed I find myself not being able to connect with the two leads I am always a sucker for an enemies to lovers relationship but the enemies only lasted [...]

  12. Graylarksays:

    Romance meh Fantasy and ass kicking pretty decent.

  13. Sarasays:

    I loved this book, maybe even than the last K.F Breene knows how to write an intriguing and spellbinding story The writing is flawless, effortlessly so The world building and character creation is one of my favourite things about books written be this author I won t give anything away about this book although I will say Darius is mine Cannot wait for the next book

  14. Cassandrasays:

    I m beginning to have a love hate relationship with K.F Breene s books Obviously, I love her books, the writing is solid, and, to my Fianc s dismay, I can never seem to put her books down hello, forgotten housework The hate part comes because I feel lost after I read her books Nothing is good enough for a little while The worst part is I feel like an addict waiting for their next hit when I m waiting for her next book to come out It s becoming unhealthy I think.Well, I suppose you want to know w [...]

  15. Tracy D.says:

    5 Stars I loved it, loved it, loved it Reagan is coming into her power, her relationship with Darius who is absolutely smokin is deepening, and the power play for control over the heir to the throne of hell is afoot Holey moley was this book good Lots of laughs and feels, too Must read K.F Breene s Fire and Ice Trilogy if you like strong female leads, action, and PNR

  16. Jensays:

    Not so great as the first but still invested in finishing the whole series If you like the general plot line of this though, I think you should check out Kate Daniels just coz it s way better with a lot of similar elements Also, funnier in my opinion.

  17. Mackishasays:

    Yassssss I love me some Reagan I was so excited that she finally gave in It did feel a little rushed tho, but still I loved every second Can t wait till the next book.

  18. Valeriesays:

    Please let the next book come out in like.2 months only.

  19. Kat T.says:

    Okay 2.5 stars Things I m not convinced about Darius Darius and Reagan s relationship Darius ang his questionable compliments Darius and his half assed French Darius and his suspicious charm Darius being the lead male protag I vote for Dizzy to replace this guy.

  20. Hollysays:

    I didn t enjoy this one as much as the last, it took me a few days to read I liked it enough to read book three though.


    A good readI enjoyed this book than the first one The first felt a little jerky to me at points I did enjoy the humor in both books But there was a lot of redundancy going on.

  22. Chloé Speciasays:

    Awesome book once again, loved the main heroine Her relationship with Darius deepened at last, and made for really interesting developments The story was good although I admit I didn t manage to feel the urgency that should have come with the final battle at the end of the book Apart from that I am really happy the author took the time to write a good epilogue and finished the book with some other things than threat destroyed, end the book with one useless chapter and basta I hope she will conti [...]

  23. Grace's Potatosays:

    The only reason I sort of have mixed feelings about this book is that I m not that fond of Darius Reagan s interactions with him are too much on the cheesy side for my taste I found I tended to skip the parts where he keeps talking about how captivating she is lol I absolutely love Reagan though, she s borderline crazy and definitely my kind of girl Her interactions with her weird ass neighbours are pretty hilarious.

  24. Henriettesays:

    The demon Agnon was send to earth to find Lucifer s heir Meanwhile Reagan gets hired to catch a serial killer that has been skinning people alive in New Orleans and in Seattle She is accompanied by Darius, who sort of invited himself along, as well as Callie and Dizzie What I really like about this series is the way the characters work together Reagan is theoretically extremely powerful, but she can t control the full extent of it partially because she is afraid of her powers and that she might [...]

  25. Jessica Hortonsays:

    I absolutely loved Born in Fire so I was so happy to finally read Raised in Fire and it did not disappoint It was just as awesome, well written, exciting and witty as the first I read it on the kindle so I never really know how long a book is but I was happy to discover it wasn t just a short book, it took me some time to get through Reagan s dad is the devil and if he finds out she is alive and has some cool magical powers she will be in big trouble Because of daddy s DNA Reagan can do things n [...]

  26. Piseogsays:

    This was an okay read, but it felt like the many mediocre UF books out there Despite my issues with book 1, I was excited by it I was kinda bored in parts reading this The plot is a bit clearer in this book, but still a little confusing I actually skimmed a lot of the action scenes or investigative scenes where the characters just brainstorm about what is happening It s also starting to sound and similar to the Kate Daniels series, with the powerful father and how it s a major secret no one c [...]

  27. Claire Croninsays:

    Book 2 in the Fire Ice Trilogy, and just, wow, this was so good Reagan is back with her sass and bad ass attitude, and I just love her Her unique talents are under scrutiny in this book, with people just starting to learn how valuable she may well be She herself is as of yet unaware of just how much talent she has, which is growing all the time, and which she has serious trouble controlling Couple that with her kickass talents, her snark and humour and you have a wonderful heroine I have a big g [...]

  28. Annmariesays:

    Raised in Fire Fire and Ice Trilogy by K.F Breene It continues Reagan Somerset manages to find herself in another unusual circumstance Now officially employed by the Magical Law Enforcement, but just barely, she is considered the best bounty hunter around Taking down marks no one else can, she is called to the Seattle office to help destroy what is thought to be a level four demon What she finds is corruption within the Mages Guild which doesn t stop this strong heroine At every encounter, there [...]

  29. Laurensays:

    I didn t like this as much as the first I think partially because I m not a huge fan of Darius as a love interest I think perhaps this is to bad memories of other series than Raised in Fire in particular I just can t help the connotation I m also not a huge fan of Reagan s inability to stick to her guns when it comes to Darius Again, this is from previous series, but I worry that there s a case of save your darlings While there is plenty of violence and gross that goes on, none of it seems to a [...]

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