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Light Up the Night
July 27, 2021Comments.. 951
[PDF] Read Ö Light Up the Night : by Laura Trentham Laura Trentham [PDF] Read Ö Light Up the Night : by Laura Trentham - Light Up the Night, Light Up the Night When a police chief who craves stability meets a free thinking colorful college professor neither anticipate the fireworks that light up the night After a mugging in grad school left her with an irr. [PDF] Read Ö Light Up the Night : by Laura Trentham - Light Up the Night, Light Up the Night When a police chief who craves stability meets a free thinking colorful college professor neither anticipate the fireworks that light up the night After a mugging in grad school left her with an irr
  • Title: Light Up the Night
  • Author: Laura Trentham
  • ISBN: 9781946306005
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook

Light Up the Night Laura Trentham [PDF] Read Ö Light Up the Night : by Laura Trentham - Light Up the Night, Light Up the Night When a police chief who craves stability meets a free thinking colorful college professor neither anticipate the fireworks that light up the night After a mugging in grad school left her with an irr. [PDF] Read Ö Light Up the Night : by Laura Trentham, Light Up the Night, Laura Trentham, Light Up the Night When a police chief who craves stability meets a free thinking colorful college professor neither anticipate the fireworks that light up the night After a mugging in grad school left her with an irrational fear of the night not even her PhD in psychology has helped overcome Sadie Wren is sure she s found an idyllic safe place in Cottonbloom When a break in at her hWhen a pol

  • [PDF] Read Ö Light Up the Night : by Laura Trentham
    130Laura Trentham
Light Up the Night

951 Blog on “Light Up the Night

  1. Nicolasays:

    4.5 stars.Laura Trentham has been one of my discoveries of 2016, so to end the year with another visit to Cottonbloom is a real treat and bridges the way for in the future if you want to wear your uniform sometime for a little role play or pull your cuffs out, I would happily take part Being novella length, I m not going to say a great deal other than Cottonbloom s Chief of Police, Thaddeus and psychology professor, Sadie are wonderful characters, who quickly discover that there s something spe [...]

  2. Irenesays:

    4.5 starsSo much love for the Cottonbloom series, another great read by Laura Trentham.Review to come.

  3. Claire Robinsonsays:

    4.5 Keep you safe Stars

  4. ♥ WishfulMiss ♥ says:

    The Cottonbloom series is fast becoming one of my favorite comfort reads Light up the Night was another cute romance between two transplants to the quirky small town of Cottonbloom It was different than the previous books I ve read in the series, in the sense that there is no history between Thad and Sadie They both moved to Cottonbloom to start over and found each other just at the right time I wouldn t say it was a slow burn because these two hit it off right from the start but their relations [...]

  5. Kate's Corner says:

    3 75 Welcome back to Cottonbloom Where the hatchet is slowly but surely being buried between the Louisiana and Mississippi Where the college is helping and people are moving to the area A town full of charm Sadie Wren professor of psychology has moved from New Orleans to have a new start After a terrible mugging she wanted things to change To live life without fear which works until a break in happens that brings up bad memories Chief Thaddeus Preston goes out to call and sees Sadie Wren After [...]

  6. Ann Lorzsays:

    Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog romancingthereaders.cI m going to be honest here, I don t know how the hell I missed this one Okay, miss is the wrong word because you see I had the book in my kindle, I just forgot I guess to read it No clue how that happened since I really love this author and this series But I m only human so shit happens I guess I won t knock myself to much it s not like I forgot to feed a loved one for days, I just forgot to read a novella that goes with one of my fav [...]

  7. Joansays:

    First page Chapter OneThaddeus Preston read through the week old e mail one time before laying his Clayton, wouldhead on the back of his swivel chair and staring up at the pockmarked tile of his office.Can anyone tell me what a Clayton, wouldhead is Please Then I read to the end of the page and found this The probation board was meeting, maybe had already met, and chances were good his brother, be a free man.At this point I dnf d Edit After deleting this from my Kindle library and re purchasing [...]

  8. Cynthiasays:

    TerrificSadie moved to Cottonbloom as an Associate Professor at the college, but she has a break in and meets the chief and the sparks fly Thad seems to be be able to talk to her A wonderful story I would recommend this to anyone who want to read a wonderful story.

  9. Rosemary Ksays:

    Thaddeus Preston is the Chief of Police in Cottonbloom He likes the quite pace of life Things change when he s called to a break in at the house of Sadie Wren He s attracted to this feisty lady and she s intrigued by him, but they both have problems that may keep them apart Thad is determined to help his brother who was just released from jail I liked that he cared I understood his sacrifice Sadie came here to escape her family in New Orleans She s afraid to go out alone at night Since she kept [...]

  10. Deb Diemsays:

    Light Up The Night by Laura Trentham is a fairly short read, a perfect choice for those with limited time for reading Ms Trentham has delivered a well written book Thad and Sadie s story is a fast paced book, full of suspense, drama, humor and sexy bits The characters in this book are terrific and my favorite part of the story I enjoyed reading Light Up The Night and look forward to reading from Laura Trentham in the future Light Up The Night is book 3.75 in the Cottonbloom Series but can be re [...]

  11. Laurasays:

    I was looking for something to read between full length novels and found this novella on my kindle What a little game changer I absolutely loved it A small southern town, oodles of charm, a guy with insecurities who s a police chief, no less and a badass heroine with good reason to be world weary This ticked all my boxes I am so thrilled by the knowledge there are other Cottonbloom books and I already can t wait to visit the town and Laura s fantastic writing again

  12. Missysays:

    Sweet, short, funnyMakes me wish for a Cottonbloom town of my own Sadie and Thad may have had a quick and eventful start to their relationship, but they fit Would like to see where Clayton ends up, though the 2 excepts didn t follow him or the others in this book The only connection seems to be the town It s a page turner, funny, exciting, and sweet Fell in love with Trentham s style in the first few pages of the first chapter Steamy, sweet, sexy and laughter, just what the doctor ordered Look f [...]

  13. Romantic Reads and Suchsays:

    I really don t think the blurb gives Sadie enough credit or maybe it s just me that sees free thinking, colorful and automatically thinks hippie And she totally isn t Yes, she s got dyed streaks in her hair and she s a little ok, a lot bubbly than the oh so serious police chief but she s definitely not the wild child I thought she d be She s smart, funny and a good foil for the taciturn man in uniform who comes to help her after a break in Thad has put himself in his own kind of prison after hi [...]

  14. Monasays:

    Loved the Novella by Laura Trentham All the books in the Cottonbloom Series are a must read In the town of Cottonbloom where it s safe and quiet Sadie knows she s safe here, but still has issues Thad is the Chief of Police in Cottonbloom, Mississippi, and will do anything to protect Sadie Something happens between them and there not sure what to do about it He tries to hide a family secret from her What will happen between them

  15. Alisonsays:

    A sweet novella about a free spirited college professor Sadie Wren, who s afraid of the night, and the uptight town Chief of Police Thaddeus Preston who comes to her rescue when her home is broken into But of course there are insecurities and secrets on both sides is it lust or could it just be love Laura Trentham packs a whole lot of story into a novella loving Cottonbloom

  16. Samantha says:

    Light Up the Night was such a wonderful contemporary romance novella As a part of the Cottonbloom series it was a great bridge between the first three books and the books that this author will be releasing in this series next year I really loved Thad and Sadie s story so much It was short in length because it s only a novella, but it didn t lack in anything else The characters were amazing, the romance was hot and sweet and the way that the author brought everything together was absolutely wonde [...]

  17. E-Reader Addictsays:

    I do believe I ve just found another must read series anytime an author can have a character turn her selection of a golf club as a weapon into unintentional innuendo will have me as a fan No kidding, a day later and I m still laughing about it.Sadie Wren is a recent hire for the local community college Having someone break into her house isn t exactly the welcome to town Cottonbloom usually offers When Thad Preston, chief of police, shows up at the scene, he s mesmerized by the woman who is bar [...]

  18. Once Upon a Bibliosays:

    Clich I don t need to really explain this one was it a typical story that followed very similar storylines that many authors over use Humor Me How funny was the story The dialog between the characters 2 out of 5, this story didn t really have a humorless edge It was romantic suspense worthy.Sizzle Burn How romantic was the story And it is also the scale of how steamy things get between the characters that fall in love 3 out of 5, a few times in the stories things got heated, but not raunchy The [...]

  19. Terrisays:

    This is the second thing I ve read by Laura Trentham and I loved this as much as the first This is a novella, which usually means not a whole lot of character development I didn t feel like that was the case here Ms Trentham somehow managed to create background for these characters that made it feel as though they were in a full length novel I was totally invested in these characters and what they had gone through and what they were currently going through.The heroine had a traumatic experience, [...]

  20. Funmbi says:

    I wouldn t necessarily describe Light Up the Night as insta love, but Thad and Sadie get together pretty quickly Given the experiences that define these characters, I m willing to suspend my disbelief and bask in the romance By the time we get to the epilogue, we feel very confident that Thad and Sadie have taken the time to deepen the emotional side of their relationship and can now enjoy their HEA Plus, there s an added bit of suspense with the person who keeps trying to break into Sadie s hou [...]

  21. FRANCYsays:

    E una storia carina che per soffre moltissimo del fatto che si tratta di una novella, perci tutto velocizzato perch pi o meno tutto succeda e si arrivi in poche pagine alla fine Laura Trentham una nuova autrice per me e penso legger altri libri di questa sua serie ambientata nella cittadina di Cottonbloom Mississipi oLouisiana in pratica un paese tagliato in duen tutte le conseguenze che ne derivano La prosa scorrevole, i personaggi credibili e anche discretamente tratteggiati nonostante tutto a [...]

  22. Suze Lavendersays:

    Sadie was the victim of a mugging that left her traumatized and easily spooked She s new in Cottonbloom where she ll work at the local college She has a PhD in psychology, but hasn t been able to get rid of her anxiety She was hoping to feel safe in her new surroundings, but someone was in her house and she hears noises in the garden Therefore she calls Thaddeus, the local Chief of Police Who s behind these incidents and will Sadie eventually feel safe again Thaddeus hasn t really lived since hi [...]

  23. Will Deckersays:

    Whoever thought this book was ready for primetime needs to preview their work before hitting the publish button There is little that is annoying than a Kindle read that is double spaced at the tightest and so poorly edited it reeks of rush job The writing style also took some getting used to It s only one step removed from what some might refer to as sophomoric , but I think of as the Dick and Jane syndrome The writing has no color, no passion or feeling I could be reading a documentary about a [...]

  24. Juliesays:

    I liked the sparks between Thad and Sadie and their chemistry was spot on considering the compact space this novella offered, they were also reasonably well developed characters I loved the humor That and the charm that comes from living in a small townTrentham nailed those thoughts and conversations with a delightfully amusing banter I enjoyed All in all, Light Up the Night was a sweet, charming, and funny read There were a few heavier moments, but it was just enough to tug heartstrings and hav [...]

  25. Linda Reasays:

    Sadie moved to Cottonbloom to try and escape from her fears but someone broke into her house so she called the police, that is where she met Chief Preston When he came to her house that night it was a feeling of instant calm and Sadie couldn t believe it but she was afraid so he let her stay at his house Chief Thaddeus Preston had been in his own little jail since his brother went to jail and hasn t let himself feel anything for a woman but something in Sadie brings it out in him If you haven t [...]

  26. Patricia Myerssays:

    This was a great introduction to the town of Cottonbloom.Light Up the Night is a lovely sweet story Sadie is easily scared due to a mugging at grad school She moves to Cottonbloom to feel safe When she comes home to find her door broke in she calls for the police Police Cheif Thaddeus is the perfect knight in shining armor They like each other straight away and share an easy friendship with plenty of sparks Thaddeus is struggling with his own demons over his brother going to prison for him when [...]

  27. Carolsays:

    Lots of substance in this relatively short novel 167 pp , plus some suspense I chose this book for a light read as a break between heavier reading It was than just a steamy romance Good story with some twists I thought the author packed a lot into this short read Perfect amount of background and description of this interesting and somewhat quirky small town Well developed main characters their flaws and humanness are disclosed throughout, making this an engaging read.

  28. Annesays:

    Short but sweetExcept for the very first paragraph which I had to read twice to try to figure out what exactly the chief put on the back of his chair is their a typo the story was well written The characters were interesting and well developed, and I would have enjoyed their histories being included as flashbacks or something that would have made the book longer The actual plot the break in turned out to be a little silly On the whole, however, I enjoyed it.

  29. Bev Walklingsays:

    This was a sweet novella where the two main characters found each other quite quickly and really didn t face any big stumbling blocks in their relationship It left me with some questions that were never really answered Who broke into the heroine s home Was there any connection to the assault she had previously suffered A full novel would have given the opportunity to explore these issues I would read in the series if given the opportunity.

  30. Teresasays:

    This was a quick, easy read I liked the characters and thought this could have a been a longer novel I think the suspense part of the story could have easily been expanded and the course of that part of the story could have allowed for a deeper connection with the main characters Still, it was a pretty good, albeit short, read.

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